Of art
and technology
9—19 May '24
Braga, Portugal


Luísa Tormenta

Galeria do Paço

Free admission

Through photogrammetry scans, Luísa Tormenta has preserved her body and those of her loved ones, immortalising the ephemerality of human memories and relationships in a liminal space. Supra-Memento speculates on the preservation of human life in digital spaces and on how bodies can morph into dematerialised reflections, thereby resisting the inevitable decay that faces our tangible realities.

The photographic technique conveys an illusion of volume, while also exposing the fragmentation of the data, revealing that these too are temporal shells, vulnerable to disintegration. Imbued with the symbolism of Vanitas, a genre of still life painting common in the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly in northern Europe, the work intertwines the sacredness of the body with the insignificance of decaying organic matter.

The work takes the form of a video installation, creating a meditative environment that physically engages the viewer.

Luísa Tormenta 
Luísa Tormenta is a designer and image maker working at the intersection of photography, digital imaging, and graphic design. She holds an MA in Photography from ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and a BA in Communication Design from ESAD (Porto).

Her practice explores human behaviour and interconnections within digital environments, reflecting on the new paradigms created by the expansion of digitalisation. Through the illusory nature of digital image techniques, such as photogrammetry or digital manipulation, Tormenta designs visual and sensory narratives that blur the perception of reality and delusion, which often take the form of immersive moving-image installations.