Of art
and technology
9—19 May '24
Braga, Portugal


Electronic Devices Orchestra + Berklee College of Music  

Theatro Circo (Pequeno Auditório)




Computers, tablets and synthesisers are just some of the instruments that make up this unique ensemble, which offers musicians and non-musicians a place to meet in Braga and explore sound together. The Electronic Devices Orchestra (ODE) has been open to everyone, regardless of their age or musical knowledge, since 2019. Having already performed at the first edition of the Art and Technology Biennial, ODE will now return to INDEX in 2024 with a special performance, featuring visual art interventions by students from the Berklee College of Music – Valencia Campus (Spain). 

After a series of artists and musicians who have constructed various collaborations and performances in which electronic music is the common thread – Ece Canlı, Pedro Augusto, Pedro Santos, Lucas Palmeira (Imaginando) and Filipe Lopes – in 2024 the baton of ODE is passed to Rui Souza, composer and musical director, who releases under the alter ego Dada Garbeck. 

Rui Souza
Dada Garbeck is Rui Souza, a versatile composer whose work ranges from theatre and cinema to philharmonic orchestras and choirs. Another important aspect of his work is his commitment to community projects, as in the case of the Outra Voz choir, which was created as part of Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture and has been performing regularly ever since. Over the past few years, Rui Souza has been particularly interested in composing for the human voice, although electronic compositions continue to play a central role in his career. 

Since 2018, he has been developing The Ever Coming tetralogy under the alias Dada Garbeck, with which he has performed at some of the most important festivals in Portugal, as well as in various concert halls. He is also the founder of Discos de Platão, which he describes as “more than a label”.