Of art
and technology
9—19 May '24
Braga, Portugal

Gustavo Cardoso + Nikolas Leontopoulos + Paulo Pena

Technology and the public sphere: forms of coexistence?


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Session in english

The way in which technology affects the public and political spheres requires a great deal of reflection. Questions such as how technology is used for disinformation, the relationship between connectedness and surveillance, how high-tech companies aligned with the dominant economy condition human behaviour through the appropriation and monetisation of data and other unethical business practices are more important than ever.

These issues will be discussed by Paulo Pena, investigative journalist from the Investigate Europe collective, Greek journalist Nikolas Leontopoulos, from the Reporters United investigative journalism network, and sociologist Gustavo Cardoso, professor of Sociology of Communication and researcher. 

Gustavo Cardoso
Gustavo Cardoso is professor of Sociology of Communication at the  ISCTE-IUL (Business and Labour Sciences Institute of the University Institute of Lisbon), where he directs the PhD in Communication Sciences and three postgraduate programmes in Communication. He is a researcher at CIES (Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology) in Lisbon, an associate researcher at CADIS (Centre d’Analyse et d’Intervention Sociologiques) in Paris (France) and director of OberCom in Lisbon.
Gustavo Cardoso + Nikolas Leontopoulos + Paulo Pena
Gustavo Cardoso + Nikolas Leontopoulos + Paulo Pena

Nikolas Leontopoulos 
Nikolas Leontopoulos is a Greek journalist and co-founder of Reporters United, an online investigative journalism platform that collaborates on several cross-border projects. He is also co-founder of Investigate Europe, a consortium of European journalists dedicated to in-depth investigations into the ever-changing face of Europe. Leontopoulos worked for the Athens daily Eleftherotypia for ten years and has collaborated with several international news organisations, including Reuters, The New York Times and VICE.

Paulo Pena
Paulo Pena studied journalism in Lisbon and Washington DC (USA). He has worked as a reporter at Visão, Público and Diário de Notícias. Pena won the Gazeta journalism award for his reporting on the scandals in the Portuguese banking system, which was also published as a book (Jogos de Poder, 2014) and adapted to a fictional television series (Teorias da Conspiração, RTP, 2019).

Gustavo Cardoso + Nikolas Leontopoulos + Paulo Pena

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