Of art
and technology
Braga, Portugal

On Surfaces: Podcast with Index 2022 artists


Talk in Portuguese and English

Surfaces, as zones of transformation, of transition, movement, membranes more than borders: this is the theme of the Index 2022 program and the pretext for, in this podcast, gather the testimonies -oral and sound -of some of the artists who produced pieces specifically for this biennale. We will listen to MatthewBiederman and Pierce Warnecke, who make us look at the mountain territory that, in Montalegre, may be transformed into a lithium mining area; the berru collective, whose works appeal to a greater spatial awareness and awareness of the ecosystems in which we find ourselves; Peter Burr, who with the Collective Monumentsseries, invests the public space of the city of Braga; a short sound piece by Florian Hecker; Jana Winderen, and her sound work that surrounds aquatic surfaces; and the aquatic, synergetic and contaminating fluctuations of Jonathan Uliel Saldanha’s Libidinal Lake.