Of art
and technology
Braga, Portugal

Ginevra Petrozzi

Digital Esoterism

Mosteiro de Tibães

Digital Esoterism explores how divination tools might be refashioned in order to reclaim a sense of agency against Big Data, which, in the era of Surveillance Capitalism, has become a quasi-magical entity predicting and programming the future. Reaching into the origin of magic as an anti-capitalist tool could change the way we perceive modern systems of control such as Big Data, and Surveillance Capitalism, which often, without our consent and knowledge, guide our choices and actions. The rediscovery of the role of witchcraft and magic in contemporary times has broad participation of scholars, artists and designers, yet it seems rather unexplored how magic tools can help undo global surveillance by generating rituals of resistance. Ginevra Petrozzi performs readings placing Tarots in a digital perspective and reading digital realities using the smartphone, like one would read a Tarot card. Ads based on your Google search history, suggested Instagram posts linked to online interests: what do these modern signs, this automated flow of content algorithms fill our phones with daily, say about us and our future?

On May 20 and 21, Ginevra Petrozzi will activate the installation Digital Esoterism. The Italian artist will use our mobile phones as if they were Tarot cards to, through ads based on search history and suggested publications related to our interests, tell us more about ourselves and our future. Those interested can book a place by emailing info@bragamediaarts.com. Sessions available are on the 20th at 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00, and on the 21st at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00.

Ginevra Petrozzi
Ginevra Petrozzi (b. 1997, Rome, Italy) is a designer, artist and practising witch currently living and working in The Netherlands. Her work focuses on infiltrating systems of control and refashioning folk ancestral knowledge, to create new hybrid rituals for the contemporary era. Currently, she is exploring the possibilities of occult practices within the landscape of contemporary techno-politics. In this framework, she took the role of ‘digital witch’, reclaiming the archetypal role of the sorceress as a healer, and as a political rebel for digital care. Fusing installation, performance, video and witchcraft Petrozzi aims to re-shape the way in which the digital and physical realm inform and influence each other. Some older projects have dealt with how Catholic rituals can be extracted from the doctrine that originated them, how fake news could substitute mythology in modern times, or how taking off a surgical mask could become a healing act. Ginevra has recently exhibited/collaborated with RAUM, IMPAKT Platform, Waag, MU Hybrid Art House, Het Nieuwe Instituut, World Design Embassies, The Hmm, Design Academy Eindhoven, Mare Culturale Urbano among others.